Art Dealer

​SHIM fills gaps in the art world. As an art dealer, you need tools to help you access art that your clients may want. SHIM is a commission free service allowing you to talk and deal directly with artists, which are organized in groups. We are currently establishing a suite of tools for you to collect and organize artists that you deal with. In the interim, feel free to browse our groups or start your own and receive the full benefits of being able to show and promote the current group of artists you represent. Everything on SHIM starts with the creation of a group. After you form a group of artists, SHIM will help you organize this into a specific group. From there, you can negotiate for space at galleries around the world as well as art fairs. You will also receive a full digital profile for your group and the individual artists that help you promote your vision.

From here, just decide on whether you want to:

  • Form your own group on SHIM
  • Browse existing groups on SHIM network
  • View artists profiled on SHIM

Contact us and let us know what it is you would like to do, and we will be more than willing to help!