POTATOMIKE curates a selection of edgy, progressive contemporary art from full-time emerging artists that produce works we believe will increase in value over time.

We do not charge commissions, and sell work at the lowest possible price so both artists and collectors receive the greatest value.

As our name indicates, POTATOMIKE is on a mission to make art ubiquitous in the lives of all people who love art, because we are everyday people — just with a bent towards the fringe of society.  So, join us in our quest and take up art for yourself!

Featured Artists

Check out this month’s featured artists. The links will take you directly to POTATOMIKE.COM. Enjoy!

Kevin Callaghan - At a Distance

Dragomir Misina - Out of Place

Mo Cornelisse - Geometric Simplicity, Appealing Emotionality

Sven Schilling - Iron and Wood


Featured Art Shows

Almost every month, POTATOMIKE sponsors a gallery show or art fair booth showcasing our artists. Take a look at the past shows and see for yourself what we have to offer. Also check back here or join our mailing list to learn more about how you can attend or participate!

Williamsburg Artist Collective Studio

We have to say this was one of the best places to have a pop-up show – and the art was really cool also! See for yourself.


Manhattan $2 Million Apartment

Well, we all can’t afford a $2 million Manhattan apartment, but it sure is fun to see some cool art in one!


Aqua Art Fair

You can’t see everything, but Miami in December you can see a lot. We were pleased to be selected to show with SHIM and ArtHelix at Aqua last December. Here’s what you see!


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