Vox Populi Print Collective

Vox Populi seeks to elevate, celebrate, and promote fine art printmaking in the US and abroad. Participating guild members will create, curate, and fund exhibitions exclusively for it’s members.



Barry Carlsen

Peter Hopkins


About Our Printmakers

Vox Populi is not restricted to printmakers—but only prints will be exhibited. All traditional and digital printmaking techniques are welcome, however prints produced exclusively by the use of ink jet or laser printers are not allowed. All prints must be original and not reproductions of pre-existing artwork by the artist.

Vox Pop Collage.jpg


Featured Artists

The below artists have chosen to participate at a greater level than our complete list of represented artists. You can see more information on these artists by clicking on their images below. Enjoy!

BeFunky Collage

Michael McKeown


Represented Artists

Faisal Abdu’Allah
Theresa Abel
Curtis Andrews
John Balistreri
Emma Bilyeu
Pete Bouchard
Karin Broker
Israel Campos
Claudia Chaseling
Cathy Jean Clark
Lindsey Clark-Ryan
Aaron Coleman
Don Colley
Michael Conners
Stephanie Copoulos-Selle
Bruce Crownover
Georgia Deal
Andrew DeCaen
Douglas Degges
Jeanne Dibble
Jim Esclante
Peter Esdaile
Diane Fine
Tara Galal
Jenie Gao
Nicole Geary
Rich Gere
Sheila Goloborotko
Beth Grabowski
Brandon Graving
Rachael Griffin
Carissa Heinrichs
Derek Hibbs
Tim High
Natalie Hinahara
Yuri Hiratsuka
John Hitchcock
Mary Hood
Luke Johnson
Mary Jones
Anita Jung
Dana Kadison
Louise Kames
Jason Kartez
Alan King
Heather King
Mark Klemer
Richard Kreshtool
Karen Kunc
Berel Lutsky
Beauvais Lyons
Kathryn Maxwell
Phyllis McGibbon
Jessica Merchant
David Morrison
Amy Newell
Paul Nitsche
Bonnie OConnell
Ann Orlowski
Howard Paine
Gail Panske
Kathy Puzey
Jayne Reid Jackson
Minna Resnick
Katie Ries
Joanne Ross
Karen Rossen
Andy Rubin
Humberto Saenz
Michael Schultz
Patrick Smyczek
Henry Stoehr
Susan M. Story
Christine Style
Sara Tabbert
David Teng-Olsen
Shelley Thorstensen
Hermke Timm
Joseph Velasquez
Andrew Villanueva
Royce Weatherly
Art Werger
Steve West
Catherine Wild
Mark Wilson
Ariel Wood
Amanda Wood
Sukha Worob
Elizabeth Jean Younce


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