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Introducing Vox Populi Print Collective, a printmaking guild co-founded by Barry Roal Carlsen and Peter Hopkins.

Vox Pop LogoVox Populi seeks to elevate, celebrate, and promote fine art printmaking in the US and abroad. Participating guild members will create, curate, and fund exhibitions exclusively for it’s members.

Vox Populi is not restricted to printmakers—but only prints will be exhibited. All traditional and digital printmaking techniques are welcome, however prints produced exclusively by the use of ink jet or laser printers are not allowed. All prints must be original and not reproductions of pre-existing artwork by the artist.

Vox Populi has joined SHIM because of the connectivity that SHIM provides. Through SHIM, we can establish gallery shows and pop-up events at most major cities worldwide. We can participate in art fairs. And, we get a digital profile on and, two of the largest internet sites where millions of collectors and art lovers come to find innovative art.

See our page on SHIM by clicking here!

Basic MembershipJoining Vox Populi Print Collective as a Basic Guild Member is $25 per year. Your benefits include:

  • A guild membership card
  • Regular email announcements
  • Invitations to participate in exhibitions
  • Promotions of exhibitions on social media
  • Your name listed as a member of Vox Populi on SHIM.Network AND two of the worlds largest digital platforms: and*

*Listing your name on multiple art websites generates greater awareness as search bots index your name. Being on multiple digital platforms generates more traffic to our Vox Populi webpage on SHIM.Network and ultimately back to you.

Premium MembershipAs a Premium Guild Member your cost is only  $50 per year with an advanced benefit package that includes Basic Guild Membership features plus:

  • Feature page on SHIM.Network (see example here)
  • Profile of your artwork on and (see an example here)*
  • An online store to purchase your work (commission free)
  • Professionally edited and produced video of a studio visit for a one time fee of $60 (see example here)

*A profile enables us to post your work and basic information on both Artsy and WideWalls. Artsy has more than 500,000 artworks listed with more than 2.5 million visitors a month, primarily from North America. WideWalls is Europe’s largest art website and has 500,000+ visitors a month.

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To join Vox Populi Print Collective, simply fill out your name / email address and submit. Then choose between basic and premium guild memberships.

After submitting your name and email, choose your membership level below.

Choose MembershipWe accept all forms of payment using PayPal. Just choose your membership level and click on “Pay with PayPal.” You will be taken to PayPal to either log-in or submit your credit card information. Your payment will be sent to Barry Carlsen, the group administrator.


Basic Guild Membership



Premium Guild Membership


After we receive your payment, we will send you an email listing all the benefits as well as a brief survey to complete so you get the most out of Vox Populi Print Collective!