“The distinction between the two elements (paintings, photographs, sculptures, etc…) is crafted in a manner similar to writing a poem or a song. A poet will struggle with the word to word connections similar to a composer placing note after note in succession. The particular qualities of each element, size, imagery and materials are assigned so as to temper each element against the other, ultimately yielding a particular aesthetic experience.”


Max Yawney 5


“The use of distinction as the subject matter aligns the artwork with the context of the viewer in that we function based on our continual stream of perceptual discernment of the distinctions in the world around us. Our intellectual development is an amalgamation of these distinctions, thus the platform for understanding that which we are currently experiencing is linked to the context of our lived experience.”






Please, view details and prices at:




Long Island University Brookville, NY- MFA, Painting, 1998
Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester, NY- BFA, Photography, 1986




“Aqua Art Miami”, Art Helix Gallery / Potato Mike, Miami, FL, 2017

Soap Box Gallery, two person show, Brooklyn, NY, 2015

Saunders Farm Project, Sculpture Installation, August through October, Garrison, NY, 2015

Lorimoto Gallery, open call large group show, Brooklyn, NY, 2015

Abigail Ogilvy Gallery, Salon show, Boston, MA, 2015

Lorimoto Gallery, Group show, Brooklyn, NY, 2014

Kim Foster Gallery, L’aventura– Group show, NY, NY, 2014

Saunders Farm Project, Sculpture Installation, August through October, Garrison, NY, 2014




Stay tuned for our upcoming studio visit and interview with Max.


Max Yawney 6 - Copy



Brooklyn, NY, USA

Contact April directly

Purchase his artworks on POTATOMIKE.COM






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