Leah Schrager

Leah Schrager

“While most contemporary female artists ignore or critique the male gaze, Schrager embraces and explores it through utilizing an open-minded approach to sexuality that fluidly includes its dynamics in her aesthetic investigations. Her visual work involves digitally and materially painting on images of herself, and her conceptual work involves creating and propagating images of herself online in tandem with various “persona” projects. Both practices seek to examine the possibilities of female action and representation in today’s society. She is a proponent of considering the artistic value and merit of selfies, as selfies provide the model full legal and economic control over her images (as elucidated in her recent curatorial statement for Body Anxiety) and owned self-explorations offer an empowering alternative to the traditional status of models under “man hands” (men selling women’s images as art).”

Crying Gold

“Her explorations of performance art and choreography led her to photography and poetry as she found the vocabulary of dance to be limiting. She soon started making “phoems” (photo-poems) and had her first art show at The Center on Contemporary Art in Seattle in 2010. As she started using her dance and modeling images in her art, she found herself in the odd situation of not owning those images and usually could not acquire full resolution versions from the photographers.”








2018, Museum of Visual Art in Leipzig, “Virtual Normality – Net Artists 2.0″
2017, Castor Gallery, NYC: “Last Night”
Roman Fine Art, NY: “Art On The Edge”
HDLU, Meštrović Pavilion, Croatia: “Screen Present Tense” – curated by Sandra Sterle & Klaudio Štefančić
Spring Break Art Show, NYC: “The Celebrity Project, Year 2″ – curated by Kristin Sancken
Untitled Space, NYC: “Secret Garden”
Novella Gallery, NYC: “Bad Sex Bad Sex”
Spring Break Art Show, NYC: “Milk And Night” – curated by Coco Dolle




2015 M.F.A. Fine Arts, Parsons, The New School, NYC

2007 B.A. Dance and B.S. Biology, summa cum laude,

University of Washington, Seattle



Stay tuned for our upcoming studio visit and interview with Leah.





Lives in New york, NY

Contact Leah directly








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