Michael McKeown

Michael McKeown


“In Northern England during the 1960s, Monday was washday. The drab back alleys festooned with drying laundry created line after line of billowing sails. The street was transformed, charged with the smells of soap and festival of sound. Geordie Foster, the one-armed coal deliveryman, made very few drops on Mondays, the back alleys made impassable by miles of laundry. This transfiguration of the back lots and alleys became a place to play, fuel for imaginations, space for adventure. A billowing pirate ship or arctic icebergs. It was only an alley but it was ours.”

– Michael McKeown




“16 Harrison Place in Bushwick is a site of impressions and remembrances, a place that can suggest other lives and histories. ArtHelix has been given the chance to put this empty lot to good use, staging art and cultural events that help preserve thoughts, sensations, and experiences that are threatened with the oblivion brought about by time. The 25 x 100 foot gated rectangle is clearly the footprint of a building, a house, or most likely a three family home similar to those that currently flank it. Metaphorically, it is a space imagined for comfort and closure, but it is not without a certain theatrical dimension.”

– ArtHelix curator Bonnie Rychlak










Art Exchange, Candid Arts Trust, London England, 2016
“Disputed Borders” at Art Helix, Brooklyn, curated by Wilson Duggan, 2016
“2 Missiles”, Braddock Park NJ, 2016
“Black, White, Re(a)d All Over” at Art Helix, Brooklyn, curated by Peter Hopkins/Janet Goleas, 2016
“2 Missiles” at Art Helix NYC, 2016





New York Studio School .of Drawing Painting and Sculpture
Manchester Polytechnic. Manchester England  BA Hons
W.R.Tuson College,Preston England









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