Rebecca Wallis

Rebecca Wallis


“Painting has been subject to intensive scrutiny for some decades now, not just from those who have questioned its primacy as an artistic medium, but from artists themselves who have pulled it apart and put it back together again like amateur mechanics learning about car engines by trial and error, or scientists studiously searching for answers in cells or microbes. Rebecca Wallis is clearly interested in the mechanics of painting – the process as well as the thing – and has something of the scientist’s zeal for matter laid bare or in its constituent parts. But her recent paintings also exhibit a depth of feeling that goes beyond the nuts and bolts of her discipline. Wallis has developed methods of catching mixes of medium and paint on the sides, fronts and sometimes the backs of thin fabrics – most recently silk – attached to invariably square stretchers. I say “catch” because the splodges, stains and dribbles have the appearance of having been in motion, thrown or dropped, landing on the canvas by chance. This is only partly true, however, because the “accident” is predetermined, to some extent controlled in terms of location and direction”

– Edward Hanfling


Rebecca Wallis - Innermost


To be clean and proper, to be complete, that’s fundamentally everyone’s desires isn’t it? Some of your more humanily viseral works have had sections picked away. Once dry, you’ve applied a photoshop-like eraser mark, which cuts through what I’d imagine to be the most intense part of the thrown paint. This gives some relief to the work. A space of contemplation of sorts.”













“On The Weight Of Meaninglessness”, Grey, Auckland, NZ, 2017

“The Otherness of Ourselves”, Zimmerman Contemporary, NZ , 2017

“From Scratchings”, Zimmerman Contemporary, NZ, 2016

SHIM Invitational 6, Brooklyn, USA, 2018

Aqua Art Miami, Miami, USA, 2017

“In The Neighbourhood”, Grey, Auckland, NZ, 2017

“Show”, Ramp Gallery, curated by Ed Hanfling, NZ, 2016





Masters in Visual Arts, Goldsmiths College, University of London, 1995

  Post Graduate Diploma, Goldsmiths College, University of London, 1994

       Diploma with Honours, Dunedin School of Art, NZ, 1988

   Diploma of Art, Dunedin School of Art, NZ, 1987










Rebecca Wallis 3


Rebecca Wallis was born in the UK, she has lived and practised between London and Auckland since finishing her first degree in Fine Arts in 1988. Her art practice was cemented in 1995 with a Masters Degree in Visual Arts from Goldsmiths College, London.

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