William Norton

William Norton


“William Norton‘s fascination into the spiritual cult of the artist spans decades. Having spent his formative years in Japan, the artist has grown particularly intuned to both Eastern and Western influences. Using drawing and carving to draw out the Shamanistic potential of art, Norton has for years been using his art to cope with personal trauma and depression. In an exclusive interview with D/Railed’s founder and editor-in-chief Deianira Tolema, the artist comes out to talk about how these and other experiences have shaped his practice.”

-Written by Deianira Tolema for D/railed Magazine


Midnight Forest


“As an artist my work has always been informed by my years living and growing up in Japan. The millennia-long traditions that have vested their traditional culture with respect for the spirit of the artist’s hand in has played a tremendous role in my views of how artwork should be crafted, not produced. The artist should be more Shaman and less CEO. “

– William Norton












“Yellow Chair Hioliday Extravaganza”, David and Schwietzer Galery, Brooklyn, New York, 2017

     “Making Their Mark”, curated by Norton, Group Show, 100 Bogart Street Gallery, Brooklyn, New York, 2017

     “3 Woman Exhibition”, featuring Yukari Edamitsu, Xiaowei Chen, Debra Ramsay, curated by Joshua Rosenblatt, Henry Klimowicz, Chris Ketchie and Norton, the Re Institute, Millerton, New York, 2017

     “True Believers”, curated by Daniel John Gadd, Group Show, M. David Studio, Brooklyn, New York, 2017

      “Kameyama Triennial” (The Boy Who Drew Cats), curated by Cake Hara, Kameyama, Japan, 2017

      “Life on Other Planets”, 2 Person Exhibition with Chris Ketchie, curated by Henry Klimowicz, the Re Institute, Millerton, New York, 2017

    “Building Bridges Not Walls”, Group Show, curated by Norton, Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, Brooklyn, New York, 2017




 University of Texas at Austin, Texas

     Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree [Phi Beta Kappa]

         Masters of Fine Art [Equivalent] Columbia University, NYC, NY




Stay tuned for our upcoming studio visit and interview with Norton





Lives in New york, NY

Contact William directly








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