SHIM Invitational 6

We held the SHIM Invitational 6 from February 16th, 2018 through March 4th, 2018 in conjunction with ArtHelix Gallery and POTATOMIKESHIM is a network for people and places in the art world to connect.



It’s no secret that many talented artists outside the exclusive, mainstream art world struggle to show their work. The current gallery model, while benefiting a select few artists, leaves most with little means to express themselves. At SHIM we are excited to introduce a new model that serves the undiscovered creative talents of the world.




represented artists



“I was born an artist. I remember painting onto large sheets of paper on the floor – pictures of cats and rainbows when I was tiny child. My style of work is all over the place. I paint these bright flowery portraits with sneaky little notes of heartache in them, and I paint wild fluorescent abstracts as a palate cleanser in between. I’m comfortable just painting what my heart wants, so every day is a surprise.”



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“In my artwork, there are no permanent images. Anything can be used as the medium to express an idea, concept, or work of art. For example, you could use plastic fork for lunch, but you could also use a steel fork.On the most basic level, what’s the difference?”



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“The distinction between the two elements (paintings, photographs, sculptures, etc…) is crafted in a manner similar to writing a poem or a song. A poet will struggle with the word to word connections similar to a composer placing note after note in succession. The particular qualities of each element, size, imagery and materials are assigned so as to temper each element against the other, ultimately yielding a particular aesthetic experience.”



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“I’m interested in the continuing aspect of nature, in revealing, opening up and giving a presence to unseen gaps, in structures and processes. I make associations between the painterly, and the corporeal using the significance of the abject: the confronting and displaced substances from inside ourselves. In making the work I act as a conduit for the mixing and interaction between the materials. Maybe our search for wholeness, of both our autonomy and our existence, could be found through confronting our own materiality. Possibly it could be found in the fluid and nebulous moments that slip away from certainty and definition.”





“I translate ephemeral sun events into physical forms, experimenting with how materiality impacts our experience of light. The sun has been worshiped and studied across every culture across all of time and, while it is understood to be the sustainer of life and energy on earth, remains a mystical and mysterious signifier.”





“I’m a working Art Director and Designer — a passionate visual communicator and creative leader with strong entrepreneurial spirit. Some of my accomplishments include working for more than six years in Editorial design, where I gained rewarding art direction experience.”




“I have been working to construct thru deconstruction my perception of reality into a conversation of shapes and colors. This practice is a way to understand memory and moments in a playful dialog of concrete and abstract assemblages. With this exchange of relations between colors and their presence I strive to perceive a reality and consciousness of primal exchanges in the physical and non physical world.”





“I am an American excavator. I probe the underbelly of this country’s subconscious, gathering artifacts. The cultural periphery is my source. I draw from modern media, my own suburban experiences, and the paraphernalia of middle class domestic environments. Through a variety of material, both familiar and strange, my work questions structures of social grouping, masculinity, and class.”





“My favorite definition of art calls it ‘visual philosophy.’ Great artwork explores the questions of what it means to be human — what it means to be alive. My paintings examine life’s balance of control and freedom, and the result of allowing outside factors to influence intention.”





“My work stems from an interest in nature, science, and living systems and I believe wholeheartedly in arts capacity to enrich the way we see, experience, and understand the world around us. My primary focus is sculpture installation that invites viewers into imagined biological systems and each work evolves through a series of installations that shift and grow with each exhibition.”





” I’m a fine art photographer from Italy and I’ve been living in New York for the past 4 years. I’ve been running a studio in Bushwick called SoAM for the last 3 years, it’s a photo studio and also a space for photographers to showcase their work. “





“Her highly autobiographical work attempts to reconcile emotions with cosmic and spatial theories as well as examinations of perceptions of reality. The artists uses circular and linear forms to depict the feeling of one of the deepest human emotions: nothingness ‑ a void in one’s own perception of emotion or the void formed by devastation.”





“My recent work is an investigation of my observation of reality and the distorted perception I have of that reality. While walking through my life I am overwhelmed by visions in which the world as seen and known begins to dematerialize and the underlying spatial relationships disappear. My work depicts this visionary space, which is defined by fluid, abstract forms and color on contained surfaces, creating its own reality.”





PotatoMike connects emerging and established artists to the global community of collectors. At PotatoMike, you’ll find a lot more to do than just buy art. Every work we feature comes from an artist who has been specially chosen for some original, provocative quality they bring to the mix. Our collection changes every week, so when you join our community, you’re in for something special. Stay tuned, because we’re just getting started.





Smack in the heart of Bushwick, ArtHelix is a nexus for artists around New York and the world. Surrounded by some of the most renowned street art in Brooklyn, ArtHelix brings together emerging artists regardless of genre, style or perspective.ArtHelix is a truly unique space that presents solo and group art exhibitions and hosts lectures, symposia, and other cultural events. ArtHelix is a meta-art space where art is displayed and offered for sale, but it’s also a place for the practice of art to be openly discussed, unraveled, and challenged.




SHIM is a new art exhibition company that fills the gaps in the art world, providing exhibition opportunities to artists, curators, galleries, universities, and other organizations and affiliations with exhibition space for their projects. SHIM Invitational 6 will mark an expansion of our programing as well via a new partnership with PotatoMike.