SHIM Invitational

We held the SHIM Invitational 6 from February 17, 2018 through March 4, 2018. We had a great turnout, and there’s always time to join in the fun. All you need to do is apply to be considered. See below for more!

Check Out the SHIM Invitational 6 Opening

About SHIM Invitational Exhibitions

SHIM Invitational group exhibitions are our premier entry-level initiative for providing artists with space and support to exhibit their work. Invitationals are scheduled twice each year at our home within the ArtHelix Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. SHIM curates all invitational programs and selects artwork from the application pool for display during the exhibition.

How to Apply

Applying is easy. All you have to do is click on the “Start Your Application” button below. We are accepting applications for SHIM Invitational 7 in the Fall of 2018 as well as the SHIM Residency program. The application fee is $35, and an additional Exhibition Fee (minimum of $65) will be charged for selected artists who agree to participate. SHIM Invitational 5

If you choose to be a SHIM Member for an additional $25, you will be entered into both SHIM Invitational Exhibits as well as other art shows and fairs in which SHIM participates. Currently four art fairs are scheduled for 2018 including Miami, New York City and Europe.

Applications from individual artists seeking SHIM’s exhibition and residency opportunities (see Other SHIM Opportunities below) are accepted year-round on a rolling basis. Using our streamlined application, you can apply to our programs all at once; no need to fill out multiple applications for multiple opportunities and no need to worry about missing deadlines for consideration. Once in our system, your application will be held for 2018 and considered for all opportunities within the programs you’ve applied for throughout the year. Deadlines to submit for specific upcoming projects will be sent to you directly.


Selected Benefits

Those artists selected to participate in a SHIM Invitational will display their artwork at the three-week exhibition.  Like all of our programs, SHIM applies no gallery commissions to sales from our exhibitions. Selected benefits include:

  • Installation and deinstallation of all artwork by professionals
  • Professional gallery managers to answer questions and ifSHIM Invitational 2 an opportunity exists, sell your artwork to interested collectors
  • Payment processing and assistance in shipping of artwork should it be sold (credit card and shipping charges apply)
  • Uploading of artwork and artist profile to and two other international art websites
  • Inclusion in the SHIM email announcements and newsletter going to more than 1,000 collectors
  • At least two mentions on SHIM’s social media accounts

These are just some of the benefits, and as we have found in our previous art shows, other opportunities arise that include artwork being placed on consignment with galleries outside New York City and more. Additional charges may apply for different participation levels.

Other SHIM Opportunities

SHIM currently offers three other programs to individual artists seeking exposure and support for their work:

SHIM Studio Residency
SHIM’s inaugural Residency Season launched in the Fall of 2017, accepting our first four residents and providing each with 100 sq feet of studio/exhibition space for one month at our home gallery in Brooklyn, NY. The four residents concluded the Residency Season with a group show organized under the guidance of guest curator Julie McKim In January 2018.SHIM Invitational 3

Applications for future residency opportunities are currently on hold as we assess changes and improvements to the program and finalize plans for our second residency season. Applications received in the interim will still remain under consideration for a full year of programming, beginning with the next forthcoming deadline.

In addition to collected application fees, SHIM Studio Residents will be subject to a one-time supplemental Exhibitor Fee once accepted. The Exhibitor Fee for SHIM Studio Residents is $300. Like all of our programs, SHIM applies no gallery commissions to sales from our exhibitions.


SHIM Invitational 6Applicants seeking exhibition opportunities can now apply for consideration for solo projects via SHIM’s Artist Application. SHIM’s Solo program provides selected individual artists with space and logistical and promotional support for mounting their own projects by and for themselves. SHIM will begin scheduling our first Solo exhibitions in the Fall of 2017 at our home gallery in Brooklyn, NY. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and opportunities will be offered to accepted artists 10 weeks in advance of the proposed dates of your project.

In addition to collected application fees, selected Solo projects will be subject to a one-time supplemental Exhibitor Fee once accepted. Exhibitor Fees are low-cost and flexible and depend on the amount of gallery space and duration of the artist’s proposed project. Like all of our programs, SHIM applies no gallery commissions to sales from our exhibitions.